General terms and conditions (GTC)

Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing

These GTC apply to all services offered by Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing. They are exclusively authoritative unless otherwise agreed in writing with the customer. By using the website Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing (, in particular to purchase his services, you agree to these GTC. Before you use his services or place an order, you should have read and understood the terms and conditions. When using individual services, you may be asked to repeat your agreement to the GTC by clicking on a corresponding confirmation box.

Individual sessions booked with Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing (colour code healing, distance healing, readings, on-site healings, etc.) can be cancelled by email up to 48 hours before the appointment. Cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment are subject to a fee and the full cost of the appointment will be charged.

Cancellations of workshops and online training courses can be made up to one month before the start of the course if the course is not fully booked and the registration is not closed. In this case, a processing fee of 10% of the purchase price will be charged and the remaining amount will be refunded. If the workshop or training course is fully booked and the registration is therefore closed, no refund is possible.

With the completed (fully paid or prepaid) order, the dates and participation are considered fixed and the customer recognises these GTCs.

There is no "money-back guarantee" with Energy Healings. Claims cannot be asserted retrospectively.

Prerequisite for all offers from Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing (appointments, seminars and workshops): Completion of 18th year of age and mental health. Minors require the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

In all sessions no future predictions are promised or guaranteed to occur, any retroactive claims for future predictions that do not materialise expire at the end of the appointment. Health statements are only made regarding the state of well-being and energetic state. Should psychological or medical terms be used during the sessions, the use of these terms does not imply a diagnosis. A visit to Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing does not replace a visit to the doctor. Medication should continue to be taken under the supervision of the attending physician. Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing accepts no liability.

Remote healing is not a substitute for medical treatment, but should be seen as a supplement. No diagnoses are made and no promises of healing are made.
The treatment serves the self-development and stimulation of the body's own self-healing powers as a supplement to medical treatment and does not replace such treatment in any way. If you are undergoing medical treatment for psychological problems or nervous/heart conditions, you must bring a declaration of consent from your doctor with you to your appointment. This must be done voluntarily and at the client's own risk.

At all appointments, Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing will act to the best of his knowledge and belief. Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing accepts no liability should an error occur when translating the sensitive or mediumistic information. There is no guarantee for correct or appropriate information.

The client has voluntarily opted for psychic counselling, psychic healing work or a workshop or online training and is advised that during and after the individual guidance or training the client assumes responsibility for the effects and consequences on everyday life. The client remains responsible for his/her emotional and mental reactions. Likewise for their actions and decisions, without referring to Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing. Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing is released from any liability and responsibility. The treatments and trainings are not a substitute for medical and psychiatric care.

Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing expressly declares to the customer that it is not authorised to carry out activities which, according to legal requirements, are reserved for the medical professions, the psychotherapeutic professions, physiotherapeutic services and activities which are reserved for regulated professions such as life and social counselling.

The customer freely declares that he/she wishes to make use of the assistance and to provide all information in connection with the assessment of his/her condition on his/her own initiative, on the one hand in order to be informed that medical treatments are being carried out in parallel or, for example, that he/she is pregnant or has other impairments that are important for the assessment of his/her state of health.

As long as the customer does not object, the data from his/her order will be processed and used by Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing to advise the customer and to optimise customer orientation. This consent can be revoked at any time without giving reasons. The cancellation must be sent in writing to:

Registration and file download

Registration is a prerequisite for obtaining our services on the platform. Registration takes place by opening a personal user account and is free of charge. If you do not yet have a user account, you will be asked to register with the required information when you place your first order.

In addition to legal entities, registration is only open to natural persons of full legal capacity who are of legal age (i.e. persons who are at least 18 years old). You are obliged to provide the information required for registration completely and truthfully. Changes must be made immediately so that the information in the user account is complete and correct at all times. Incomplete registrations will be deleted without notice after a reasonable period of time.

The access data collected during registration, such as user name, e-mail address and password, are intended for your personal use and must be treated confidentially. All orders placed via your user account will be attributed to you and are binding for you.

We reserve the right to delete personal data or block your user account at any time at our own discretion.

The overview of Simon Thiessen's services and prices provided on the website is merely an invitation to you to submit a quotation. You make your selection via the sales channel. The selection made will be displayed in the shopping basket (web shop) or communicated to you by e-mail. By confirming the order by clicking on the corresponding confirmation field ("Finalise order") in the web shop or in writing by e-mail, you submit a binding offer to purchase the selected service. The purchase contract for the services offered by us is concluded as soon as we have confirmed your order via our website, by telephone or e-mail. Confirmations sent to any e-mail addresses you may have provided incorrectly shall be deemed to have been delivered with legal validity. If we do not confirm an order immediately, you remain bound by your offer for two days.

Depending on the type of service selected, Simon Thiessen will act as your contractual partner.

The forwarding of digital products or the transfer of access data for the community to persons with whom you do not live in the same household ("outsiders") is not permitted.

The unauthorised forwarding of digital products or the provision of access data to outsiders is considered data misuse. In such cases, we reserve the right to charge you the full price of the digital product concerned to the extent of the unauthorised forwarding and to block access to the customer account without compensation. The sale of the digital products does not transfer any reproduction or publication rights to you (such as the right to make copies not intended for personal use, to carry out digitisation processes, performance or publication rights, etc.). Reproduction or publication of the products (even in part or in extracts) is not permitted and is in breach of copyright law.

Right of cancellation

Orders are binding and can only be cancelled or amended with our written consent. The costs and/or processing fees incurred as a result of the cancellation or amendment will be passed on to the customer.

There is no right of cancellation with regard to our digital products (PDF, mp3, videos, digital subscriptions and community access) and our other products (meditations, lectures, events, workshops, subscriptions for meditations and online training as well as training courses).

Should individual provisions of these GTC become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision that comes closest to the economic purpose of the parties.
The law of the Republic of Greece shall apply.
The place of jurisdiction and fulfilment is Athens.

Guidelines and copyright, which apply to all workshops, trainings and individual trainings published, taught and conducted by Simon Thiessen - The Art of Healing:

RESPECT in any form: During every training and workshop, as well as in the training courses, we emphasise respectful interaction with one another. Respectful behaviour also means accepting others. Whether in their attitude, sexuality, religion, age or whether they are already at the beginning of their mediumistic journey. A warm and respectful relationship with Simon Thiessen and his team is the prerequisite for a warm and loving acceptance of each other.
During the partner exercises, grant your counterpart respect and be present with an open heart. Denunciation in this area means: you are consciously saying NO, even though the message is very much right. This behaviour will not be tolerated.
It is not allowed to promote your own product or work while participating.
Please respect the privacy of all other participants, including Simon Thiessen and his team. You are free to publicise any experiences you have during your participation. However, it is not permitted to publicise the experiences of all others or even mention them by name.
In addition, it is essential that a medium or a person who works through a medium does not overstep the boundaries of privacy. Please always ensure respectful behaviour and that the messages give hope and do not create fear and terror.
We all want to feel safe and comfortable in what we do together. The subject of mediumship is a particularly sensitive one and we open our channels and energies and become very sensitive as a result. Please bear in mind that a certain amount of bullying creates an energy of NOT BEING TOGETHER. Any negative posts and statements could result in your participation no longer being desired.
In the event of gross misconduct, Simon Thiessen reserves the right to cancel your participation without refund.

It should also be emphasised once again that all videos, recordings, theories, insights, workbooks and transmissions from the world of energy made by Simon Thiessen and his cooperation partners are their intellectual property and are therefore subject to copyright. It is therefore legally prohibited under copyright law to publish the knowledge, documentation (trance speakings, workbooks, recordings, writings of any kind in communication) that is taught and published by Simon Thiessen in any form or to declare it in one's own teachings as specially acquired knowledge. We would like to point out that inadequate behaviour of this kind will lead to consequences under criminal law. Copyright law according to the Berne Convention applies.


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